Beginners' Guide to Dream Interpretations: Online Booklet

Beginners' Guide to Dream Interpretations: Online Booklet

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A beginning booklet guide to Interpreting dreams, discerning dream symbols, and extra tools you can utilize. 

This booklet will not be covering clairvoyant visions or visuals during sleep paralysis (in-between sight) as those are completely separate topics.   

Topics it will be covering

  • How to define a dream symbol and how to recognize one
  • How to break down a dream with unfamiliar elements to discern it's meaning
  • Recognizing the differences in "scripted dreams" and "off script" dreams
  • Introduction to recognizing spiritual attacks and spiritual warnings in your dreams.

These are all from my perspective, cultural background, and history of interpreting dreams. Above all else, remember to trust yourself as well. I cannot teach a lesson on believing in your own intuition. 

Thank you guys again

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