Mystic FAQ

Mystic Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When will the Storms Roots Oracle be Back in Stock?

1st Edition of the Storms Roots Oracle is Officially out of Print.  The 2nd Edition is currently in stock and will be available when the shop reopens. 

  • Why do you have such long processing times?

All of my decks except the Storm Roots Oracle are 'Print on Demand Decks'

Which means, I open up a period for orders to order in bulk. They are made and shipped to me, then they are shipped to customers. The entire process takes about 2-4 weeks excluding the order window. Shopify also takes 2-3 business days to hand over the fees. 

Some decks have separate guidebooks and it is still a pandemic and I cannot control shipping delays. 

  • Where can I get updates? 

Follow my Instagram for Updates on when I release new Decks, Comics or Other fun Products

  • Are the Prices in US or Canadian Dollars?

All store prices are in Canadian dollars and are converted automatically by the bank.

  • Hi, I would like to purchase your decks for wholesale or bulk order.

Please contact me at for any inquiries and discuss rates or terms. I reserve the right to politely decline offers given.

  • I would love to collab and make a deck with you! What are your rates?

I am unfortunately not open for collabs or commissions at the moment due to work and time spent on my own projects. 

  • Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, however I have no control over customs fees and those are the responsibility of the customer.