LIMITED: Ancestral Readings: Guidance + Homework

LIMITED: Ancestral Readings: Guidance + Homework

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Please read the following : ) 

I'm a West Indian Spiritualist that specializes in Ancestral Messages and Dream Interpretations. 

  • Reading will be 1-2 Page in Length size 12 font, double-sided.  If you are familiar with the format of readings I did for the goodie boxes it's the same format : )
  • I will be channeling your ancestors giving advice on any messages they may wish to give.
  • Common topics typically include general life advice, any particular offerings they or tasks they may want, and even spiritual baths, cleansings, and information on your spiritual gifts and ways to continue to grow.  

  • "Homework" Consists of spiritual baths, rituals, or tools they may want you to do during this time.  


    1. After Purchasing send an email titled "ANCESTRAL READING" to 

    You can include one topic of focus or question in the email : )

  • 2. ALL readings will be completed within two days from purchase. Usually within 24 hours : )

  • 3. Do inform me if 48 hours have passed and you have not seen your reading. It could also be in junk or spam.  Also, inform me on Instagram if you sent an email and have not received a reply.

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