Dream Interpretations: Guidance and Readings

Dream Interpretations: Guidance and Readings

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Dreams are encoded messages from our higher self and our guides about how to navigate our daily lives.  Nothing happens in our life that we first did not receive warning of in a dream.

Dreams can be confusing at first and breaking down the elements of it can seem daunting at first but no more.

These Readings not only break down the messages or warnings you need to hear

You may be

  • Prescripted certain herbs to work with or be told to do certain baths. 
  • Tips on Dream recall and recognizing certain symbols 
  • Get another an actual reading on your next steps.


These readings will be written and what will be required from you

  • As much detail about the dream as possible.
  • Time and date of the dream if possible
  • Important to distinguish whether the events of the dream took place at night or day.


1. After Purchasing you send your Dream description, time and date to thehurricanemystic@gmail.com

2. Readings will always be delivered promptly the day of purchase.   

3. Do inform me if 24 hours have passed and you have not seen your reading. It could also be in junk or spam.


Things you can expect from me:

1. Confidentiality, All dreams shared will not be shared in any manner to anyone besides the dreamer.